My First Blog

Communication, communication, communication. In my 21 years in education, I have never received ONE complaint that schools communicate too much.

So, considering that, I am making the jump into the world of blogging. I have a lot of friends on Twitter who inspire me through their blogs, and I’m hoping to do the same.

My intention for this blog is just  to post random musings. Thoughts. Ideas. Perceptions. This should be interpreted really as nothing more than having a conversation with Joe. This is not an official communication tool of the Nordonia Hills City Schools; it’s just me thinking out loud.

If something I say sparks a thought with you, let me know about it. 

If you have official concerns with anything related to the Nordonia Schools, contact me as you normally would via email ( or phone (330-908-6202).



2 thoughts on “My First Blog

  1. This is great! I look forward to reading whatever you end up writing about. With all the reading you do, I would love to see some reflections/major takeaways from the books you read!

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