Knights Caring for Knights Feeds Nordonia’s Kids

ImageVolunteers support the Nordonia Schools in many ways. An awesome program that helps Nordonia’s neediest families was created more than a year ago by three incredibly generous volunteers. Nordonia High School PTSA President Anne Bruno and her daughters Catherine and Michaela are the founders of Knights Caring for Knights.

Knights Caring for Knights provides weekend food to our neediest families. The Brunos have placed a collection bin at each school for the community to donate food. The Brunos collect the food, organize it into care packages, and deliver the packages to the schools. School principals and counselors have identified some of the neediest families in their buildings, and the care packages are given to those families confidentially each Friday.

On an average week, Knights Caring for Knights sends home food packages to more than 20 Nordonia families. The packages generally contain bread, peanut butter, fruit, breakfast supplies, boxed and canned goods, and some snacks.

As the community becomes aware of the program, it is continuing to grow. A Rushwood student told her grandfather about the program. He donated money that the student and her mother used at WalMart. The cashier was curious about all the food they were buying, so the Rushwood student told her about the program.  The cashier proceeded to donate $30 to the program.

While Anne was shopping at Aldi’s for the bags and bread for the program, the cashier asked about her purchase. Anne told the cashier about the program, and she immediately reached into her pocket and donated $5 while stating, “It’s not much, but it will help someone!”

For so many kids, education is truly a life or death proposition, perhaps their only ticket out of poverty. I can’t thank Anne, Catherine and Michaela Bruno enough for creating Knights Caring for Knights and helping to feed Nordonia’s neediest students.

If you would like to donate for Knights Caring for Knights, please drop your donations at any of our school offices.


Items most in need:


Peanut Butter

Grape or Strawberry Jelly

Macaroni and Cheese

Easy Mac

Individual Pudding Cups

Individual Fruit Cups

Individual Jello Cups

Individual Applesauce Cups


Canned Ravioli

Ramen Noodles

Juice Boxes

Instant Oatmeal Individual Packages

Granola Bars

Cereal Bars

Pop Tarts

Individual bags of chips

Microwave popcorn

Questions?  Email: or call 330-467-0116.


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