Some Kids Have Harleys, Others Have Scooters. The Destination Is the Same

ImageAs if there were any doubt, I am officially uncool. I bought a scooter.

It’s a tiny little 50cc Honda Metropolitan. If you’re like me, you have no idea what 50cc means. What it means is this: if the wind is at my back and I’m going downhill, I can go 40 mph. If I’m going uphill, just hope you’re not in a hurry if you’re behind me.

I’m not “Motorcycle Guy.” Motorcycles scare me to death. I will never own a motorcycle.

But I love my new scooter. I ride it to the park, where I like to take hikes. And I ride it to the grocery store, as long as I am buying only something smaller than a watermelon, which is about all the “trunk” under the seat can hold.

My scooter is fun. And it gets 110 miles per gallon. And I love it!

So the other day I was at the gas station–where I filled the tank for $3.25—when a guy on a Harley pulled up. His bike was big. And loud. And powerful. And he gave me a look that told me he knew his bike was big, and loud, and powerful, and my scooter was small and weak.

He didn’t need to give me that look. I know my scooter is small and weak. But here’s the thing: he drove his big, loud, powerful Harley to the gas station, and I drove my small, weak scooter to the gas station. And there we were, both at the exact same place at the exact same time.

That is school, my friends. Some kids ride to school on a Harley. Their “Harley” is a library of books at home, food on the table, a stable family situation, experiences at museums and concerts, and myriad other advantages we pray all kids can have.

Other kids ride to school on a scooter.

And still other kids walk to school in bare feet.

Our job is to get all the kids to the gas station, no matter what kind of bike they are riding. The “gas station” is college and career ready.

There is no doubt that it is hard work. But we can’t give up on any kids. We need to do whatever we can to get them there. For some kids the trip will take more time. Some kids will need more road signs than others. Some kids we may have to push or tow. And some will use their Harley to go much further than the gas station. But until we get every student to be ready to go to college or start a career, we must not rest.


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