Want Hope for the Future? Hang Out with Kids.

imageWhen you hang out with kids, you realize pretty quickly that the future of the world is bright. Notwithstanding media accounts, kids today are more compassionate and accepting than in any time in history.

A school district close to Nordonia had two student suicides recently.

A group of Nordonia 5th grade students thought it was a good idea to show their togetherness in wake of recent events in the nearby community to tell others how much they matter.  When students enter the school tomorrow, they will be greeted with a personal message, stuck on a Post It Note on their lockers, that shows each student how important they are to all of us.

Principal Josh Hayes says, “I cannot begin to tell you how much this effort warms my heart.  Our kids are compassionate and strong and remind me constantly how blessed we are to have them in our lives.  Let’s celebrate how much our kids mean to us through the work of a small group of 5th grade students and their caring for our school and community.”

Amen, Josh.

The future is bright indeed.