Great Teachers Know When to Cut the Grass

Dr. Clark's Chronicles

ImageI was cutting my grass this morning, grumbling to myself about how this rainy summer has caused me to mow the lawn at least twice a week since April. And then I thought about last year, when the drought gave me about a six-week reprieve from mowing.

Some summers you mow a lot, and others you hardly mow at all. Isn’t that exactly what good teaching is all about?

In other words, good teaching is contextual. The best teachers know that no formula, no recipe, no set order of things is going to work for all kids all the time. If the grass needs cut, you cut it. If it needs watered, you water. If it needs aerated or grub controlled or any of those other things, that’s what you do.

Those of you who have followed me on Twitter for a while have seen me tweet many times a…

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