Will You Ride the Train?

Dr. Clark's Chronicles

ImageA few summers ago my wife Amie and I took our boys to Washington, DC for our family vacation. Everyone should get to DC. It’s such a great city, and the sense of history and patriotism you feel there is indescribable.

Our hotel was outside the city, and we rode the Metro into town each day for our activities. That summer was one of the hottest on record—near or over 100 degrees every day we were there.

One particular day we spent walking all over the city seeing all sorts of sights. By late afternoon we were hot, tired, hungry, and ready to ride the Metro back to the hotel for a dip in the pool and some dinner.

We walked into the Metro station and bought our fare cards, then had to ride an escalator down to the loading platform. My youngest son, Matthew, was first on the escalator…

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