Every Day We Teach Them Well

Pictofigo-Unity Bad, bad stuff happens. But I’m not swayed by the headlines.

I still believe the world is a good place filled with good people.

I still believe the world has more generosity than greed. More mercy than vindictiveness. More acceptance than rejection. More upstanders than bullies. More givers than takers. More people who know what is right, and who fight for what is right, and who spend every minute of every day doing what is right.

But for those times when it seems like maybe evil is winning, that is when I am so proud to be part of the Nordonia Schools. I am proud to work with a staff who cares about kids–a staff who doesn’t just provide a great education, but who also provides food and clothing and guidance and support to any child who needs it.

I’m proud to work in a community where parents and community members are proud of our schools and who give of their own time and resources to help our staff help our kids.

And I’m proud of our kids. They’re kids, and they can make some mistakes sometimes. Good grief, don’t we all? But when the rubber meets the road, our kids care for each other, and they care for their education, and they genuinely want to grow up into responsible, caring adults.

When we have events like happened last week, and colleagues across the state send me emails and texts offering their sympathy, I’m grateful for their support, but my response is always the same: every day 3,800 kids come to the Nordonia Schools, and every day we teach them well and treat them well, and every day I feel blessed to be a part of it.