Public Schools: Saving the World Every Day

I once heard someone say that more of God’s work is done in American public schools every day than anywhere else in the world. I think that is true. On any given day, you will see Nordonia students raising money for a variety of causes, feeding the hungry (even on weekends), helping students who have special needs, and so much more.

Here, some NHS students are running the blood drive sign up table.

Our mission statement is: inspiring every student to value learning, community and excellence. Mission accomplished!



NHS Cafeteria Workers Feed Bellies and Souls

The Nordonia High School cafeteria staff has a wonderful tradition every Halloween of decorating pumpkins to be displayed in their kitchen. Staff and students love the creativity, and the cafeteria workers seem to understand that all school employees can create a positive environment for kids! A fun school is a happy school, and a happy school creates successful kids!

Chamber of Commerce Board Meeting This Morning

Superintendents tend to be involved with several community organizations. The Nordonia Schools are a member of the Nordonia Hills Chamber of Commerce and I sit on the board of directors. We meet once a month as a board, and we have a regular meeting monthly.

Our board meeting this morning is at Blackburn’s Hubcaps, a huge facility in Macedonia.

I think it’s important for the schools to stay connected with the business community.