If Students Drafted Teachers, Would You Be a First Round Pick?

On NFL draft night I always ponder this: if students could draft their teachers, which teachers would be first round picks? And which ones would end up as unstaffed free agents?

Inevitably somebody asks if that’s a fair question. After all, could we really trust students to choose their teachers? Wouldn’t they choose teachers who gave easy A’s and no homework and simple assignments and showed movies and gave lots if free time?

Maybe some would.

But I know this. In a few weeks the Nordonia Schools will be holding its annual Superintendent Awards (started by a brilliant principal @caseygwright, not me). The Superintendents Awards are for the top graduating seniors of NHS. We have dinner with their parents and honor some great kids.

But the coolest part of the night is when each student talks about the school employee who made the biggest difference in their lives. Often it’s a teacher. Sometimes a coach or aide or custodian. 

And when the kids speak about why they chose their mist influential educator, I have never heard one of them say they chose them because they were easy. Or gave little homework. Or showed movies. 

Instead, the kids always talk about how their most influential educator inspired them. Challenged them to think and work harder. Encouraged them to reach for goals they never though possible. And always, always, treated them well. 

So if give the choice, would some kids choose to have poor teachers? Maybe.

But I trust that our kids overwhelmingly recognize the privilege of education and want to get as much out of their school years as possible. 

So if you are a teacher, there’s no need to work on your 40 yard dash time. But remember that kids are counting on you to be worthy of a number one draft pick.