Leaders Don’t Do Threats, They Do the Right Thing

Dr. Clark's Chronicles

It happens more often than you would think.

From time to time, parents or community members or sometimes even staff have something they want or need, and they will attempt to get it not through reasonable discussion, but through implicit or explicit threats.

Maybe these folks want something for their child: a changed grade or more playing time or transportation privileges or a detention cancelled. They may want something for themselves: a new assignment, a granted leave, a waived fee, access to unavailable facilities.

The threats may be covert. “I’ve always supported your levy” means they might not next time. An emailed complaint CCed to a board member or supervisor means if you don’t give me what I want you will be in trouble.

The threats may be overt. Sometimes they threaten litigation. Sometimes they threaten to never support a future levy if their wishes aren’t granted. Almost always they…

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